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America Australia Bangladesh Friendship Hospital – is one of the international standard super-specialty hospitals of the country, dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatmentdsc_0174 of cardiovascular diseases. America Australia Bangladesh Friendship Hospital is currently one of the leading hospitals with its About 100-bed premise located in North-Bengal having its address at Birampur in Dinajpur district. Its only 60 minutes drive from the Rangpur & Dinajpur town. This hospital was initially founded by Bangladeshi young businessman MD. Jahingir Salim with the consultation of his American & Australian Friends. The hospital started its operation on April, 2015 with a mission to provide high quality international standard healthcare which is fully equipped enough to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the people of Bangladesh with reasonable cost. It is a six-storied building built on with 6,000 square feet floor space  - Read More



Diagnosis With Precise

Industry leading examination of symptoms

The cubital tunnel syndrome is a subgroup of ulnar neuropathies arising at the elbow, with nerve entrapment under the aponeurosis connecting the two heads of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle.



Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

AABF Hospital treats patients of all ages with movement dysfunction. Our goal is to help patients recover and sustain maximum function, according to their goals. Each patient is carefully evaluated to determine the treatment program.


General Surgery

Treatment of the full range surgery problems

The surgical internship and first year residency in surgery are combined into a single year for which dual credit is given. The year involves approximately six months of general surgery



Female Reproduction - Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a series of physical changes. At 6 months: the uterus has enlarged. At 9 months: the abdominal organs continue to be pushed upward by the expanding uterus, and the fetus drops lower into the pelvis.


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